What a Sweet Kid! 8-Year-Old on a Mission to Give Doughnuts to Every Cop in America

(INSIDE EDITION) When Tyler's mom heard he wanted to give doughnuts to every single police officer across America, she was skeptical about whether it could be done, but the 8-year-old is well on his way to accomplishing his goal.

The idea came to Tyler when he and his mother were at a local store and spotted four officers. Tyler told his mom he wanted to use his own money to buy each of them a chocolate doughnut, and he did.

"They spent time with him and they were so thankful," Sheena Carach, Tyler's mom, told InsideEdition.com "Police officers have had a bad rep lately in news and media. It meant a lot to them that he took the time to say thank you when a lot of people don't do that right now.

It was after that encounter that Tyler told his mom, "I want to give a doughnut to every cop."

The first police department on their list was the Escambia County Sheriff's Office in Florida.

Tyler called Krispy Kreme to see if they would give him a discount on an order of the doughnuts for the cause and they instead donated 420 -- one for every officer.

Donning a doughnut-printed cape embroidered with the words "I DONUT need a reason to thank a cop" and a doughnut mask, Tyler showed up to the department and had a blast, meeting several officers.

"It's not every day our hearts swell up the way Tyler was able to make them do today," the police department posted to their Facebook. "More than the 400 doughnuts he carried with him, he brought something sweeter: love and appreciation…"

Tyler visited the Flomaton Police Department in Alabama next. He paid for the doughnuts for that visit with his own money from chores he did, like sweeping barns and picking up scrap metal.

It was then that a radio station, Mix 95.4, got wind of what the little one was doing and decided to fly him out to meet with police in Oregon.

The Hilton hotel gave Tyler and his mom free travel and the radio station's owner, along with Pacific Coast General Credit Union, joined together to pay for their plane tickets.

Bizzy Jeans Donuts donated 500 doughnuts for the event as well.

"It's incredible. I am so proud of him… to see someone of his age to take on something this big. It goes beyond thanking the cops. He said he wants to inspire everyone to thank cops," said Carach.

He's even started a mailing campaign with doughnut picture props and thank you letters for departments across the U.S.

"They keep us safe," Tyler said when asked why he is doing it.

In the future, he hopes to partner with Dunkin' Donuts or Krispy Kreme to continue to work towards his dream.

"In the beginning, I told him I don't know if we can give one to every cop in America and now he is showing me up." said Carach. "We have so much hate in our world and we need things like this."