What to do if your car was impacted by the flood

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, upwards of thousands of cars were either damaged or totaled by debris and flooding. 

Aaron Abel of Abel Brothers Towing joined Good Day Philadelphia to offer insight into what to do if your car was impacted by the flood.

According to Abel, the first thing to do besides contacting a towing company is to notify your insurance company. You will want to tell them the nature of the incident and where it happened. 


Officials say not to start your car if your engine was submerged, because water will cause it to hydrolock. 

If the water completely submerged your car, it will likely end up at a salvage yard. According to AAA,  depending on what kind of coverage you have you may not be covered so always call to double check with your insurance. 

Abel says a lot of the time that even if the motor isn't damaged, the electronics in the car may be damaged. 

If you're interested in purchasing a used car and want to make sure it wasn't involved in a flood, you should check its CarFax, according to Abel. 

Also, you should use your senses to double check to make sure it wasn't damaged in a flood because it might smell if it were involved in such a situation. 



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