'What we need': Families gets life-saving CHOP training as violence continues across Philly

Dozens of families received support, resources and life-saving training during the Community Health Partnership Clinic in the Cobbs Creek.

The partnership is between the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Center for Health Equity and Community of Compassion CDC.

"We’re dealing with both kinds of trauma, both physical trauma and mental trauma. We were really intentional on finding partners who provide consistent and ongoing support for these families," said Dr. Tyra Bryant-Stephens, Chief Health Equity Officer at CHOP.

People of all ages participated and received training on how to do CPR, how to prevent an overdose and administer naloxone, and how to stop a bleed.


"I knew about the pressure, but I didn’t know about the stuffing of the gauze," said Karen Brown of West Philly. "I did hear of a tourniquet but never experienced how to use one."

Community health experts were available to educate on identifying and address the signs and symptoms of trauma in children and how to uplift children who are grieving.

Markeeda McLean is the Executive Assistant of Community of Compassion CDC and said the goal is to make each person aware they are not alone.

"It’s places like the CDC that people can come to have that extra support, and being a mom, being able to be here with my daughter, programs she participates here at the CDC, it’s wonderful," said McLean.

Linda Collins attended the clinic with her two grandsons and plans on sharing everything she learned with her family.

"It’s exactly what we need in this community. There’s so much violence in our area that we need to know that there are resources for us to go to if someone in our family gets hurt or killed by the violence in our area," said Linda Collins of Southwest Philly.