What's next for rapper Meek Mill?

Meek Mill is out on bail and prosecutors and defense attorneys are calling for a new trial. The judge is adamant she did the right thing locking him up. Now, everyone wants to know what's next?

When Meek Mill stepped off the helicopter after his celebrated flight to freedom Tuesday night, he was the toast of the town. But soon he'll be back in a Center City courtroom fighting to have his criminal conviction tossed out.

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"We're expecting that this judge should immediately grant. Grant relief and immediately overturn his conviction," Meek Mill's Attorney Brian McMonagle told FOX 29 Wednesday night.

Meek Mill was released from prison after 5 months of a 2 to 4 year sentence on a probation violation. After his release, the 30-year-old rap artist told supporters he will fight to overturn his 2007 conviction. A hearing is set for mid-June before the same judge who ordered his recent jail term. The DA supports a new trial.

"There's not a fair-minded judge in the city. This county. This state or in this country who wouldn't when a district attorney says grant a new trial, grant a new trial," McMonagle said.

"She was very adamant that he violated probation," Attorney Chuck Peruto said.

Chuck Peruto represents Judge Genece Brinkley who has been publicly criticized for her decision to jail Meek Mill. Peruto says if Meek Mill can present a good case, he could very well get a new trial. He says she won't recuse herself from the case.

"She's not gonna step aside. I think she'll surprise everyone if they present the required evidence, according to the law. She'll dismiss," Peruto said.

Meek Mill's nearly 10-year-old arrest and conviction came on the testimony of retired Officer Reginald Graham, who's credibility was called into question by now jailed former DA Seth Williams. His testimony remains key.

"I take the DA at his word," McMonagle said.

"If they can demonstrate that Officer Graham was in fact tainted and they have no other evidence and it was hidden from the defense then they're entitled to relief," Peruto explained.

Meanwhile, McMonagle credited Meek Mill's release to a determined Sixers owner Michael Rubin.

"He always thought the justice system worked better than that and he's made it his mission to make sure in the future it does," McMonagle said.

Meek Mill is still under restrictions while he's out on bail. He is due back in court in mid-June unless the judge rules before that hearing.