'Why did you do this?' boy asks man convicted of killing his dad

A mother and young boy addressed the man who gunned down their loved one at a drive-thru in Detroit.

The convicted murderer is still refusing to accept any responsibility in the case.

At sentencing you often hear from the victims' families but on Wednesday we heard from a child who witnessed his father's murder and survived being shot during the attack.

"That was a bad idea and now I have to live with it for the rest of my life," said Christopher Reed, junior.

Through tears, he bravely confronted Dezmen Faqua, convicted of killing his father, 28-year-old Christopher Reed, during a robbery and attempted carjacking at a Wendy's drive thru on June 6.

Reed's sons - just 9- and 5 years old, were in the car at the time and little Christopher was shot in the hand.

"Why did he choose to do this," Christopher, Jr. said. "He shot me, gave my brother nightmares. He took someone that was in the center of my heart.

"He knows he wouldn't want anybody to take his daddy's life.

"Another bad guy off the street. Just think about it. Just think about what he did, he's going to cry his eyes out."

Christopher and his family have cried their eyes out. Now their chance to speak - with the victim's mother also addressing Faqua at his sentencing.

"June 6th was the worst night of our lives," she said. "He took someone dear, special and loving from us. Christopher will never be at his kids' birthdays, school plays, graduations, weddings, etc. So many plans and dreams were destroyed in that one night. Something that can never be forgiven.

"Christopher's children will live with this for the rest of their lives which is exactly what we recommend and he deserves for this crime - life."

Faqua is still denying his involvement. Police were searching for two men in connection with the crime, which remains under investigation.

"I feel remorseful for whatever happened to their family," Faqua said. "I hope they can get past the situation and find the right person who did it."

The judge sentenced Fuqua to 25 to 50 years for second degree murder.