Why it's important to fully clear snow off your car before hitting the road

Before you hit the roads, it's important to remember to properly clean off your entire vehicle.

Be sure to give yourself some extra time before leaving the house so that you can clear off your car's roof, windows, headlights, and hood.

Leaving mounds of snow on top of your car is against the law and poses a danger to fellow drivers when traveling down highways. Snow and ice flying from other vehicles can cause accidents and even damage other vehicles.

Aside from other vehicles, leaving snow piled on the roof of your car can be extremely dangerous to you. It only takes one hard stop or a quick acceleration to send all that snow sliding onto your windshield or rear window, blocking your view.

Thursday morning, FOX 29's Steve Keeley offered some advice to those who may not have the proper tools to clear your car.

While your typical scraper and brush should do the trick, a household broom should do the trick. If you're really in need of something, a large folded up umbrella can even do the trick without damaging your car's paint.

If you have a neighbor who may not be able to properly clear their car on their own, consider lending them a helping hand if you have the time.