Wild turkey euthanized after it was rescued by New Jersey farm

A wild turkey that became a celebrity in a Camden County town was euthanized after it was rescued and placed at a sanctuary farm.

The turkey, named Glenny, drew attention by fanning his feathers and strutting along streets in Haddon Heights in September. But he was relocated to the Funny Farm Rescue and Sanctuary in Mays Landing on Sunday after he began pecking at vehicles and blocking traffic.

Wildlife officials showed up Wednesday and removed the turkey.

"We stepped up when no one else would," Funny Farm Rescue said in a Facebook post. "We called the Southern Region NJ Fish and Wildlife Dept. and they gave us permission to take Glenny to the Funny Farm which we did. That would have been the happy ending until some citizens felt Funny Farm acted out of line and contacted the State of NJ."

They said it was "humanely euthanized" because it has been in contact with domestic birds and posed a disease risk to native wildlife. However, Funny Farm argues there was "no indications that he had any diseases."

"All we did was try to help an animal and give him a chance for a happy, healthy life." the sanctuary said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report


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