Wildwood boardwalk backpack ban: Here's everything you need to know

Wildwood officials are taking action to control "unruly and tumultuous" crowds on the boardwalk this summer with a new rule.

Starting Thursday, backpacks will be banned on the beach and boardwalk from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m.

Officials say the underage use of drugs and alcohol contributes to rowdy crowds of juveniles that have caused chaos down the shore since the season kicked off.

"The City Police Department identified a series of incidents involving backpacks and other bags containing illegal paraphernalia and alcohol in the possession of minors over Memorial Day Weekend and determined that the same contributed to the unruly and tumultuous behavior," said Steve Mikulski, Wildwood's Commissioner of Public Safety.


Wildwood state of emergency sparked by crowds of 'unruly, unparented children,' mayor says

Police in Wildwood took action to keep residents and visitors safe after a Memorial Day weekend filled with chaos and some violence caused unrest along the Jersey Shore.

The ban is similar to measures already in effect in other shore towns, like Ocean City.

Anyone wearing a backpack during the restricted time will be given two warnings, written or oral.

If you don't comply, you will be escorted to an exit ramp.

"If an officer feels there’s more in the backpack than a station house visit is warranted with parents or guardians notified," Miluski said.

After the ordinance is introduced Wednesday, commissioners will hold a preliminary vote, publish it, then give it final approval after a vote at a mandatory public hearing.