Wildwood officials warn beachgoers of riptides, unguarded swimming

Officials in North Wildwood Wildwood Crest are urging swimmers to obey beach rules and regulations and never swim without a lifeguard on duty.

The warning comes just days after a Maryland man died after an attempted rescue, when his nephew was swept out into the ocean by a rip current. No lifeguards were on duty at the time.

29-year-old Adan Guevara died at the hospital Tuesday, a few days after his attempted rescue took a turn for the worse.

Guevara's nephew and another person were pulled from the water unharmed.

Authorities say this was one of two major rescues that occurred over a two day span while no lifeguards were on duty. 6 others were rescued from the water on August 6 th after 8:20 p.m.

"With the recent afterhours rescues and hurricane season quickly approaching, it is more important now than ever that our visitors are aware of our beach rules and regulations, and to only swim when the lifeguards are on duty," said North Wildwood Mayor Patrick Rosenello.

"This is the time-period when we have riptides, and the largest crowds in terms of tourism. The Beach Patrol Chiefs and all of the Mayors would like the public to know that it is always ill-advised to swim at night, afterhours, when lifeguards are off-duty," said Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano.