Willingboro home invasion turns into wrestling match

A family is shaken after surviving a terrifying home invasion. The dad came face to face with the invader in the middle of the night, which set off a wrestling match.

It happened Saturday in the middle of the night. Homeowner Otis Prince told Fox 29 his window was slit wide open. Prince didn't hear the actual break-in, but when he got up from the couch to check on his wife, Prince claims he bumped into a masked man dressed in black in a dark hallway of his home, all while his wife was in the next room and his teenage daughter was asleep in a bedroom.

Prince acted quickly and tried to tackle the bold burglar. As the two were wrestling, the invader dropped a flashlight. Prince says he took a punch to the face and called for help.

Prince says that, unfortunately, he slipped on the floor and lost hold of the intruder.

Jewelry and a laptop were stolen, according to police. Prince says he regrets not having more cameras. The positioning of the camera he does have was off, and it was too dark.

As police investigate the burglary, Prince plans to increase security on his property to help put himself and his family at ease.