Willingboro police looking for adults allegedly using children to help them steal

Willingboro police say they are looking for adults allegedly using children to help them steal.

"I was really upset about it. Obviously what really made me mad is that this parent is teaching her children how to steal," said Michael Sienczenko.

"I mean you can totally see they're all orchestrated on it. They're totally working in unison to do this," he said.

It happened New Year's Eve at RC Car World inside Grand Market Place in Willingboro. Michael owns the store and holds races there and he suspects the two adults and four children who came in may be a family.

We've blurred the children's faces.

"A family came in asking questions about possibly purchasing a small drone," he said. But surveillance video shows their eyes on something else. It was a high end orange remote control car which disappeared right around the time the family left.

"They picked it up and stuck it up under one of the children's jackets and you can plainly see it in the video," he pointed out watching the video. Michael says you can see the woman passing the car off to one of the children and then walking out.

"You can see her jacket zipped all the way up and her hands are in her pockets," he said. It happened even with signs posted warning cameras are watching.

"It's pretty sad that people are going to show their kids how to become thieves," said Michael.

The car is worth between $700 to $1500. And the store owner says the man has been in the store several times before.

Willingboro Police put it on their Facebook page asking if anyone knows the suspects or has the car.