Wilmington Police Search for Masked Man Accused of Raping Teen

Wilmington, Del. (WTXF) Police say a young woman was beaten and raped in an alley. According to police, it happened Wednesday night when she was walking home from a trip to the convenience store.

FOX 29 spoke with the victim's father.

"She was just crying and I asked her what happened and she said somebody beat her. Somebody hurt her."

This father is moved to tears over the call that came from his 19-year-old daughter Wednesday around 12:30 in the afternoon. What she said sent him racing home.

"I found her in the alley just balled up in the alley. Her shirt was ripped off. He ripped her clothes off. He raped her," said the victim's father whose identity we're concealing to protect her.

The man says his daughter was walking home from a neighborhood convenience store when she noticed a man standing on the corner holding what she first thought was a white bag.

"She didn't look at him but to avoid him she went around the block to avoid him to come back home," he said. But when she got around the corner on the 300 block of Washington Street in Wilmington not far from her home, the victim said the man appeared from this alley wearing a white clown mask.

"He was in the way alley waiting for her and he pulled her into the alley by her hair. She was screaming. She said she was screaming and said he grabbed her and put his hands over her mouth."

Police don't have any suspects or witnesses but this father is certain someone saw something.

"I'm sure. I'm 100% sure that somebody saw him and if somebody did see him I'm praying they do step forward because it could happen again with the same person."

The victim wasn't able to get a description of the suspect because of the mask he was wearing but police say she told them the man spoke Spanish.