Woman asks for help with bee infested home

A tree is infested with buzzing bees outside of Melissa Hancott's kitchen window in her second floor apartment in Woodbury, NJ.

"They are coming through the back of the air conditioner. If I shut it off, we found them coming in here," she said.

More than a nuisance, the bee hive inside this towering tree, less than 2 feet from her window, has Hancott frightened for her family. She has an infant daughter Dakota, and her husband and son.

"We don't know if the baby is allergic and I don't want to find out," she said.

The bees, she says, are getting more aggressive, flying into the window panes, and if she shuts off the air conditioning unit, they come in.

Hancott says she asked her landlord to deal with the problem with no luck. She then resorted to calling a beekeeper.

"He said that the hive is actually growing inside it's not going to get smaller it's actually going to get bigger and they will not die off even in winter," said Hancott.

Hancott said she gave her landlord the info about the remediation and the costs but was told it's her problem. FOX 29's Joann Pileggi also called the landlord who had no comment about helping her tenant with the bee situation.

Hancott said borough officials told her the bees are on a tree on private property and they can't do anything to help either.