Woman dies after being found 'fused' to soiled bedsheets in Delaware County home

A bedridden woman who police say was found "fused" to her soiled bedsheets inside a Delaware County home has died, officials say. 

The gruesome discovery was made earlier this week during a police wellness check at a disheveled home on Dresner Circle in Upper Chichester.

Officers were called to the home after a neighbor reported packages piling up on the home's front porch and no answer at the front door. 

Police saw a "large amount of trash" inside the home when they looked through the sliding glass door and noticed flies inside the property. 


Man charged after mother found 'fused' to soiled bedsheets inside Pennsylvania home

A Pennsylvania man was arrested after investigators say his mother was found "fused" to a soiled bed inside a dilapidated home. 

When officers entered the home fearing someone inside was deceased or having a medical emergency, they were met by 51-year-old Daniel Klien, the woman's son. 

He lead officers through the messy home to the master bedroom where police say the woman was sleeping with a visibly soiled blanket covering her lower body. 

Medics were called to the home and removed the blanket to find Klien's mother "covered in dried feces and maggots," according to police. 

They soon found her to be "fused to the bedsheets" and removed her for further treatment at Crozer Chester Medical Center.

Klien was arrested and charged with abuse of care and endangering another person.