Woman fed up after investigative report finds heating oil in basement

An overwhelming stench and blotches of black sheen have a woman at her wits end in Delaware County. She wants to know where the stuff in her basement is coming from. To make it worse, she had just put her house on the market.

A 2 story on Randall Avenue in the tiny Delaware County town of Crum Lynne has been in Kim Yachera's family for decades.

In March, she boxed her belongings and listed the property for sale, but then she noticed the staining on the basement wall.

"My world came to an end. My house was on the market. It's like you're at a loss," she said.

The blotches of black had the unmistakable smell of oil.

"I smell it. It's so strong after a very hard rain that you can't breathe in this house," Yachera said.

The thick, black substance has also filled the basin where her sump pump sits. She called Ridley Township, which had an engineering firm produce an investigative report. It found heating oil # 2. Where did it come from? That's up to state and federal environment agencies to find out. But Yachera has an idea. She fears the oil has leached onto her property from the now-shuttered Story Winn Fuel Company, which operated here starting in 1915.

She says federal investigators will have to test the soil in the area to learn the source of the leak. Yachera expects to learn the results from air and water testing, performed by federal investigators in a couple weeks and is now fearful for health.

"What are your concerns with you health?" FOX 29's Jeff Cole asked. Yachera replied, "I'm very concerned. I have wheezing symptoms. I don't know what's going on."

She's now pulled her home from the market and placed her life on hold. She is uncertain of her future.

The state department of environmental protection says it's taken several samples on and near and around the home.

Calls to the Ridley Township manager and the federal environmental protection agency were not immediately returned for comment. We're also searching to find anyone linked to the oil company out-of-business.