Woman goes from homelessness to Atlanta business owner

An Atlanta woman survived a life on the streets to become a co-owner of a popular cycling studio in Midtown. Now, Rebecca Colett is using her painful journey to inspire other women to pursue their own goals.

"I used to be a drug dealer, I used to be homeless, I used to live in my car and take showers at a gym, so to actually own a gym now is kind of surreal," Colett told FOX 5's Marissa Mitchell.

Originally from Chicago, Colett lived in Detroit before moving to Atlanta a few years ago. The transition to the Southeast meant a fresh start from her former life in the streets.

"I have two Masters degrees, I'm highly educated," Colett said. "I used to work on Wall Street, I worked at some of the biggest companies in the world, but with the recession, I got laid off and I couldn't find a job. I lost my house and everything fell down from there."

Colett said when she renewed her faith, she restored her confidence.

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