Woman killed at Woolwich Township intersection

A woman was killed at a Woolwich Township intersection. Neighbors say they have complained about the intersection for years.

"Absolutely livid," said Dennis Gallagher who is frustrated and angry seeing flowers at the intersection of Oldmans Creek and Auburn Road in Woolwich Township. They're a reminder of how deadly the intersection is. We first reported on the problem two years ago.

"This was preventable," he said.

On Wednesday, a 73-year-old woman was killed here before noon. A family member who did not want to talk on camera told FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson she's lived a few houses away from the intersection for 50 years. She was taking lunch to her brother when the relative says a car hit her as she drove across the intersection.

"It's a recipe for disaster these multiple parts here. We've identified this and I've called it out and the proof is in the pudding. There have been multiple accidents that have happened here," said Gallagher. He says a flashing light placed here years ago hasn't helped.

"There's a box that controls the lights. It blocks the view. The grass over there is high. It's just been a terrible intersection with multiple accidents."

Our cameras captured a lot of the problems while we were there.

"Right here you can just see look how far that truck's rear wheels are on the white line and he's still going to have to pull out further. If you look at that car right there that black pickup truck its view is blocked looking this way coming down due to that controller and telephone pole," said Gallagher.

Woolwich Mayor Alan Schwager posted on the neighborhood's Facebook page in June that a traffic light requiring drivers to stop is on the way. He wrote: The traffic light at Oldmans Creek Road and Auburn Road is still on track to be installed and fully operational by end of august 2017"

It's encouraging but residents say what happened yesterday could have happened to any of them.

"Our Mayor Alan Schwager has been excellent. He's the only that has actually moved the needle with the county for us but he can only do so much," said Gallagher.

We spoke to the Mayor by phone. He says the township was able to get Summit who handles most of the residential development in the area to fund installation of the traffic light and at last his check they were on track for it to go up before school busses hit the road next month. Both are county roads so neither falls under the township's jurisdiction.