Woman killed in Clementon hit-and-run; family pleads for driver to come forward

A 50-year-old woman left in the street after she was struck and killed by a car, the driver never stopping.

A tragic loss for the family mourning a loved one.

Pedestrian in Clementon, N.J. struck and killed.

“My daughter was Patty Mills. She was hit and someone please come forward,” cried Trudy Redstreake, Patty’s mother.

No one should be left to lay in a road,” said Liz Souders, Patty’s cousin.

An awful sequence of events left Patricia Mills dead, struck by a car while she was trying to cross College Drive in Clementon Friday night.

Police say a driver struck Mills near two shopping centers and kept going.

Skyfox over Clementon, N.J. fatal pedestrian hit-and-run.

“I would’ve stopped. That’s what you do. You don’t take off, that’s wrong,” exclaimed witness Desiree Wiltsey.

Police later found the car in a neighborhood a few blocks from the scene.

“Damage was consistent with striking a pedestrian. We do have the vehicle and we’re continuing to try to find out who was operating that vehicle,” stated Lt. Timothy Kohlmyer, with the Gloucester Township Police Department.

“If you have an accident, there’s no reason to hide, just come and explain what happened. Don’t run away. That makes things 1,000 times worse,” Redstreake added.

Mills has two grown children and an 11-year-old son. Her husband died two years ago. Mills’ son, Tim, brought a balloon and flowers to the scene where his mother was killed. He says he can’t understand how or why this all happened.

Employees in the shopping center say they feel badly for the Mills family.

“There are accidents here all the time. Cars try to peel across. They hit people and other cars,” employee Gordon Patterson said.

“Someone knows. Please come forward. Somehow, we need to know what happened here,” Redstreake pleaded.

“Eventually we’ll find out who did it, so it’s time to take accountability. Give the family closure and come forward,” Lt. Kohlmyer added.