Woman killed in West Philly shooting; 2 others injured

A woman was killed and her father and grandfather were wounded in a shooting in West Philadelphia Sunday afternoon. Police are still searching for her killer.

A woman who came to the door at Dominque Oglesby's home told a reporter they were simply unable to talk.

"Automatic weapon-- fired 7 or 8 shots," eyewitness Dennis Carter said.

Under the EL where the 23-year-old Penn State Student fell police appeared in force. Investigators say Oglesby argued with another woman inside the bar at 5902 Market after 4 p.m. Sunday afternoon. Then, a call was made to her family.

"She had called her family over to help her out. The family got involved with one of the others antagonists. A gun was fired-- 3 people were hit-- including Ms. Oglesby in the back," Philadelphia Police Captain John Ryan said.

A trail of blood runs to a shred of police tape on the sidewalk outside where the shooting occurred.Oglesby died at Penn Presbyterian. Her father and grandfather were also shot but will survive.

Police say they know the shooter who they claim fought with the victim's family.

"He was set upon by the other side's family members during a melee that broke out," Captain Ryan said.

Dominique Oglesby--described as quiet and respectful--was to graduate from Penn State Harrisburg in the spring.