Woman launches Facebook plea to reunite owner with lost stuffed animal

After finding a discarded stuffed animal on the side of the road, an English woman launched a Facebook plea to try to reunite it with its owner.

According to Storyful, Clare Macmorland had passed under a bridge in East Sussex, England for about two weeks before she finally gave in and picked up an abandoned Jelly Cat Bunny.

She cleaned the bunny up and posted some photos of if to her Facebook page in hopes of returning it to its owner.

The post has been shared more than 1,300 times since it was posted on September 21.

Macmorland hasn't said whether she's come across any leads on finding the bunny's home, according to Storyful.

Hello. This is a plea for help to find the owner of this Jelly Cat bunny. I have been driving past it for the last two...