Woman makes FBI list for allegedly murdering woman, unborn baby

The FBI has a new addition to its "Ten Most Wanted Fugitives" list, wanted for killing a woman who was nine months pregnant and also the unborn child.

The agency says Shanika S. Minor of Milwaukee instigated an argument with her mother's neighbor for allegedly playing loud music at an unreasonable hour.

Then, Minor, 24, challenged the woman to fight while holding a semi-automatic firearm. That woman was nine months pregnant.

Minor allegedly fired a round into the air before leaving the scene.

Then, overnight, Minor broke in to the common hallway of the neighbor's duplex, and with her mother in between the women to deescalate the situation, reached over her mother's shoulder and fired into the woman's chest.

The victim collapsed and died. Her unborn child, due within a week, also died.

Minor got away and hasn't been seen since.

Minor is described as 5'6" tall, weighing 165 pounds, with a medium build, black hair and brown eyes. She has a display of roses tattooed on her lower abdomen.

The FBI adds she may have contact with people in Missouri, Mississippi, Texas, Tennessee, Ohio, Illinois, and possibly Georgia.

A reward of up to $100,000 is being offered for any information leading directly to her arrest.