Woman pistol whipped Wednesday morning in Frankford

A 33-year-old woman was allegedly pistol-whipped during an attempted sexual assault right outside of the John Marshall School in Frankford early Wednesday morning.

Mother Nijah Crawford was shocked and outraged to learn that the incident occurred right outside of the school her daughter attends.

"For someone to do that so close to a school? It just shows the blatant disregard for our neighborhood," Crawford said.

"I think it's tragic that it happened so close to the school where our children should; it should be a safe haven for our children. Clearly not."

Philadelphia Police tell FOX 29 it was around 5:45 a.m. when the woman was approached by a 19 or 20 year old man who made sexual advances towards her outside of the school.

Investigators say she pushed him away and at some point he hit her in the head with a pistol.

Cops say the man stole the victim's purse and wallet with about fifty bucks inside, along with her personal paperwork.

"Is my daughter safe going to school? Am I safe walking around by myself, taking her to school early in the morning? Taking my son to daycare early in the morning?" Crawford said.

There are surveillance cameras on and around the school, but investigators say they have not yet recovered any video of the attack.

Meanwhile neighbors are trying to pull together.

"I think the community will figure out how to pull together and make the streets safer," Crawford said.

"I think we just need some heavier patrol in the area. I know that once you call and report a crime like this we'll have heavier patrol, but at this point we're in Frankford. We need something, obviously."