Woman seeks young girl she saw bullied at fair through Facebook post

Porter County, IN--(WTXF/STORYFUL/FOX 59) -- Kate-Lynn Edwards and her fiance captured what was supposed to be a fun day out at the Porter County Fair. But one act of unkindness cast a dark shadow over the day. A group of girls body shamed another young lady after she had a hard time getting on a ride because of her weight, according to Kate-Lynn.

"Once her mom helped her up you could hear one of them say something and then two girls laughed really, really loud and then the young lady that I'm searching for her face just she just looked devastated and so sad," Kate-Lynn told FOX 59.

Kate-Lynn says she couldn't stop thinking about the young lady--so she turned to Facebook to write a post detailing the event--hoping the post would find her somehow. Kate-Lynn says, "I need to find you and tell you how beautiful you are, and how much you are worth. Your smile was perfect, and truthfully you are beautiful."

Thousands of people have shared the post. Other women have even messaged Kate-Lynn to say how the kinds words inspired them.

"I didn't realized there were so many people out there who don't realize that they're all of us are beautiful and none of us are perfect and it`s our imperfections that make us different," Kate-Lynn explained.

Kate-Lynn knew what that young lady was feeling from personal experience. She grew up being bullied about her weight. Now, she's an Indy pro-wrestler--encouraging women to embrace their body type. She's trying to spread positivity instead of shaming someone else.

"Stop all, like every kind of hate. There's no point to make someone feel like less of a human being," she said.