Woman shot and killed while driving in Fern Rock

Philadelphia police are investigating a homicide in Fern Rock.

Surveillance cameras were rolling as gunshots rang out and a van driven by Tyisha Timmons careened across Broad Street and crashed into a building after she was struck in the head by gunfire. There were three other women and three young children inside the van with her.

"Pain I never felt before so I don't know what it's like to lose a sibling. First time, it really hurts," Tyisha's brother Tyrell told FOX 29 at the family's home

Timmons is Tyisha's older brother. He says her family is devastated by the loss of the 23-year-old. He has nothing but fond memories of his sister.

"She was such a loving person. She just enjoyed life--always enjoyed helping take care of family and her niece," Tyrell said.

Police say it was just after 8 p.m. Wednesday night when Tyisha and a van load of family members drove through a shooting scene at 16th and Nedro where at least five shots were fired. As they sped away to escape and turn onto Broad Street--they dropped off one of the women. When they returned minutes later to pick her up on Broad Street witnesses heard the deadly gunfire.

After Tyisha was shot, the family van veered out of control, crossed a median and crashed. Police arrived within seconds as family members fled the van and the gunmen escaped.

"It's either a case of mistaken identity or road rage. We're not sure which yet. It's difficult to say the investigation's still early," Captain John Ryan told FOX 29 Friday afternoon.

FOX 29 obtained new surveillance video recorded in the seconds after Tyisha's van was hit by a barrage of gunfire.

"The only thing we do know is the occupants of the car didn't bring this upon themselves," Captain Ryan explained.

Tyisha's picture, candles and balloon's marked the spot where the van came to rest at a building near Broad and Old York Road. Police say one or two gunman opened fire.

"It's three young kids under the age of four and by the grace of god no one else was hurt," Ryan added.

Police have been working to recover videos of the shooting and subsequent crash, along with videos of the suspects. They do not believe anyone in the van was being targeted by the gunmen.

"Our hearts go out the victim's family. It's terrible what happened to this young lady. It shouldn't happen to anybody," Captain Ryan said. "It's a miracle no one else in the car was hit and more seriously injured."