Woman shot in Fairmount corner store robbery attempt

A quick trip to a convenient store in Fairmount turned into a life-or-death situation when a customer sees the owner on the ground shot.

The victim, a 48-year-old woman, is in critical condition at Presbyterian Medical Center after police say she was shot in the neck Friday night.

It happened at the woman's corner store on the 3400 block of Fairmount Avenue. Police say the woman was working behind the register at Freddy's Grocery when she was shot.

Police believe this was an attempted robbery. The shooter took off quickly.

Investigators tell FOX 29 a neighbor walked into the store around 8:30 p.m. and saw the woman bleeding profusely. The victim couldn't talk. She was holding her neck.

The neighbor called 911, which police say was the right move.

They're pulling surveillance and looking for clues, but they're asking for the community's help. Investigators think people might know the person involved.

Police are looking into how many people could have been involved in this shooting. At this point, no arrests have been made, and no weapon has been recovered. They haven't been able to talk to the victim yet as she's in critical condition.

Police say this crime is upsetting to many people in the Mantua neighborhood. This woman and her family are well-known and well-liked. Now, she's fighting to survive these serious injuries, FOX 29's Jenni Joyce reported.