Woman takes stranger into house during tornado

LEE'S SUMMIT, MO - A woman from Missouri assisted a complete stranger during a strong tornado in Lee's Summit, Missouri on Thursday.

Suzy Haas didn't give her personal safety a second thought, she just pulled a woman standing in her driveway into her home when the tornado hit.

Haas said she knew it was too dangerous for her to be outside.

The woman she saved, Donna, said that she was helping her son remodel his townhome. It has no basement, and no TV or radio since he hasn't moved in yet.

And when Donna saw people running from the townhomes, she decided to run too.

She saw a home with lights on and made her way toward in. Luckily, it was Suzy's home.

"There's a tornado, the sirens are going off and the first thing is wanting to help her," Haas said.

So Suzy, Donna, Suzy's son, and his friend along with their bunny named Puddles waited it out in the basement bathroom.

And the storm led to a good thing - Suzy and Donna hit it off and exchanged phone numbers.