Woman: Thieves Steal Something More Precious than Jewels

A Coweta County woman made a plea for the thieves who stole thousands of dollars of jewelry from her home. She has something she wants back, but it's not gold or silver, rather it's something far more precious.

Investigators have made arrests in a string of burglaries in Coweta County and have been able to return some of the jewelry stolen from this case, but the burglars also stole a wooden box from on top that is simply irreplaceable. The box contained the ashes of Tiffaney's dog Dakota.

A good photo of the urn doesn't exist, but Tiffaney described it as a wooden box with a picture of Dakota.

Investigators believe Jaime Wayne Chappell and Doreen Patricia Meier kicked in the side door of the home, stole the jewelry and took the urn.

Chappell and Meier are being held in the Coweta County Jail. Deputies said the two have not been cooperative in finding the urn. With more victim's identified, investigators said the case remains open and more charges could be filed.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Coweta County Sheriff's Office.