Wynnefield adult daycare center holds senior prom

They put the "senior" in senior prom today in Wynnefield. An adult daycare center hosted a dance and luncheon for older Philadelphians dealing with dementia and physical disabilities. The result? Plenty of smiles and an unexpected benefit for the folks who run the place.

At 'A Place Like Home- 2, Janet Glenn told FOX 29 she wanted this day to be different for seniors stuck in a sometimes monotonous routine.

"Every day they come in and we're in our jeans and sweats, but I wanted them to have a special day-- a dress-up day," she said.

It was that.

Seniors dealing with dementia or physical disabilities can feel shut out and alone. However, the prom put them all in one room and gave them a reason to socialize.

Michelle Sisco helped her mom get dressed up for the big dance, which featured a prom king and queen and their courts.

Mom's reaction-- she's dealing with dementia-- brought a smile to Michelle's face.

Great music, fancy duds and no swearing? Now that's a senior prom!

For many in this room, the past is a fog. But the present? -- live it up!