Now hiring: Your social media-savvy dog could earn up to $10K as ‘chief fluff officer’

(Photo by CATHERINE LAI/AFP via Getty Images)

Are you and your dog social media savvy? Does Fido have his own Instagram page? An online pet store is hiring a "Chief fluff officer" to be the face of the brand — and they’re paying up to $10,000 in cash and pet products. says the ideal dog applicant will "be a natural behind the camera, always happy to strike a pose and genuinely enjoy having their photo taken and being filmed as they try out our latest personalized gifts."

"This really is the perfect job for dogs who love the spotlight," the company says in a blog pot. "The hired Chief ‘Fluff’ dog should be comfortable showing off their best poses, sassy struts, tail wags, tricks and expressions."

The Chief ‘fluff’ pup doesn’t have to be Instagram-famous (yet), but they should already have an established presence on both Instagram and TikTok and be ready to roll with the latest TikTok trends. They’ll get bonus points for being "fluffy and fabulous."


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According to the company, the chief fluff officer will be rewarded with "a combination of Yappy products and/or agreed paid assignments up to the value of $1000 per month over 10 months."

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The job will include a mix of assignments from the pet store and the owner’s own ideas. It’s a remote job, but your social media star may have to travel for photo shoots or other assignments. Applications are due by Nov. 18. 

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It may not be a full-time job, but the duties of a "pet-fluencer" can be ruff work. Just ask Mr. Mostly Mittens, the red-eared slider turtle from Arizona going viral for his "dog-like" personality.

The 5-year-old turtle's owner, Andrew Michael Boulton, has posted dozens of video on TikTok, with some of them getting millions of views. The videos show the turtle, Mr. Mostly Mittens, following Boulton around the house, nibbling on bones, and even wagging his tail, FOX 10 Phoenix reports. 

His videos even led to quite a few sponsorships, though Boulton says "he's not contributing to the college fund yet."