Young Boy Admirably Tries to Returns Money He Found While Shopping

FORT COLLINS, CO- An eight year old northern Colorado boy is being praised for his honesty, after trying to return a large sum of cash he found while shopping with his mother.

In the history of the Fort Collins police department, few good samaritans who've walked through their doors have been as young as Bridger Yett.

Though he's an eight year old and small in stature, officers knew he had a big heart.

It all stems from a run-in Bridger had a few days back, while shopping with his family in Fort Collins.

"We were walking in a parking lot going to get things for scouts," explained.

Bridger was tired, walking with his head down, when he noticed it! 'It' being a bill anyone would notice missing from their wallet or purse.

He just couldn't believe what he found.

Instead of keeping it for himself, explains Bridger's mom, he decided to bring it to the police to help find its rightful owner.

"Knowing that could be used for something very useful like repayments on your house, or bills," Bridger said.

"Each pay check does matter to our family. Hopefully we are teaching that lesson to our children that they need to work for their money. They do tours," said Bridger's mom Laura.

The undisclosed amount is being kept in evidence, while investigators try and track down its owner.

"I'm hoping that whoever lost it will get it," Bridger explained.

As for Bridger, he's not asking for anything in return, just that whoever it belongs to has a happy holiday.

If the person doesn't come forward, Bridger plans to donate the money to a church in need.