Young boys throw rocks at tied up dog resulting in injuries

A local woman says her German Sheppard needed emergency surgery after 3 young boys, the youngest age 7, threw rocks at him while he was tied up in the back yard.

5-year-old Tex's canine tooth is broken to the root and hanging, a second tooth is cracked in half, and more injuries were discovered at the vet that night. Tex also had a bunch of welts and scabbed areas on his back.

Patty Jantzen and her husband are infuriated by the authorities lack of interest with their pup's situation.

A police officer came out right away, but they'd already left for the vet. And they couldn't get police to return.

Officer Nikki Thompson says she did visit, and no one was home, but has since spoken to the family several times by phone. She even met with the families of the kids involved.

She and police say the boys are too young to face animal cruelty charges, so the goal is to educate.