Young seal rescued in Rehoboth Beach thanks to actions of beach goer

A beach goer may have helped save the life of a little seal in need earlier this week on a Delaware beach.

The young male harp seal was found rolling on its back in the sand of the North Shores in Rehoboth Beach on Tuesday. 

Officials say this can often be a sign that the seal is infested with lice. 

"Luckily for the seal, the beach goer called MERR to report this little guy," said Rob Rector, a Protected Species Observer.

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Members of the MERR Institute decided to rescue the seal immediately due to its behaviors and that fact that it was underweight.

"He was very alert and lively during the rescue, which is a good sign," Rector said.

The seal was taken back to MERR for treatment and assessment, then transported to the National Aquarium for rehabilitation.  

"We hope for the best for this beautiful animal, and we are grateful to everyone who helped this young seal get the care that he needs," Rector said.