Young singer finds her voice following battle with cancer

Like many children with a dream, all Maria Colon remembers wanting to be as a child is a performer.

At that point in her life, Maria's talent level probably didn't match her big goals. She says she didn't sing very well, but she loved it.

For Maria, singing wasn't just a hobby.

"Singing was something that's been my security blanket my whole life. If I ever felt insecure about friend groups or school or about anything going on I had singing and then I didn't," Maria explained.

As she grew into her teen years Maria's voice got much better and she was getting more comfortable but then sadly and suddenly Cancer and the radiation that came with it took her voice away.

"Please spare her vocal chords, please let her be able to sing because it means so much to her and during the radiation she completely lost her voice, she couldn't even talk," Maria's mother Lisa recalled.

The great news is, Maria battled cancer and won. Her voice came back better than ever and the local Make-A-Wish Foundation heard of Maria's love for music and gave her a chance to pursue her dream.

"If we can make that happen then they find that they can get through whatever they're going through," said Molly Gatto of Make-A-Wish.

That's when Maria and everyone who has believed in her found out that a singing career may not be so farfetched.

They took her in the studio, put her with a team that helped her write and produce her first song and video. Then they came together to host a release party featuring a red carpet, some familiar celebrity guests and a chance to just reflect on how much defeating cancer, and possibly, realizing a dream meant.

"After cancer, realizing this is something that really means a lot to me and people were supporting me at the same time, I was like this is the best feeling in the whole world," Maria said.

So maybe you'll see Maria on tour one day soon but at the very least you'll see a young woman who overcame cancer and at the same time, found her voice.