YouTube Stars Sam and Nia announce Pregnancy With a Surprise Video

Only two months ago Christian YouTube stars, Sam and Nia, revealed to the world that they had suffered a miscarriage. Now, they've returned with exciting news-- they're expecting again.

The Texas family's popular YouTube series gained a great deal of popularity from their August pregnancy announcement, which had over 15 million views. However, just days later the couple informed fans that Nia had miscarried.

In a special YouTube video titled, "Son Shocks Mom With Pregnancy Announcement," the couple announced their newest pregnancy announcement to fans. In the video Sam and Nia reveal the pregnancy to their mothers by (literally) putting a bun in their oven and then having the mothers discover it.

They also announced the news to their daughter through a scavenger hunt.

"We believe life begins at conception and we believe it's to be celebrated right away," Sam said in an interview with PEOPLE. "We don't believe it's something to be hidden...we were excited right away and we wanted to share that with our fans."

Sam admits that the two have fears about the pregnancy, however.

"There's definitely some anxiety unlike we've ever experienced," he says of trying for a child again after Nia's miscarriage, "And [the miscarriage] caused just a crushing blow to our family ... So, yeah there's some anxiety thinking about the possibility of having another miscarriage," he told PEOPLE.

This journey has not been an easy one for Sam and Nia.

First, their previous miscarriage announcement created some fan speculation that the pair had been faking the pregnancy. Soon after, Sam admitted to signing up for an Ashley Madison account, a cheating website. Following that, the pair was kicked out of Seattle's Vlogger Fair after Sam was involved in a physical altercation when two other bloggers were ridiculing how his family was mourning Nia's miscarriage.

Regardless, Sam remains hopeful about the future.

The family is already preparing for a new baby around the house and big sis Symphony is "definitely excited," he told PEOPLE, "She's already like this morning she was like 'Mommy, I got to start helping you out more about the house."