'Dancing on my Own': Calum Scott 'down' to perform Phillies anthem in Philly for World Series

It's been the soundtrack to the Philadelphia Phillies latest winning streak - and now everyone is hoping it will fuel the team to their first World Series win since 2008.

In case you were unaware, "Dancing on my Own" has been adopted as the Fightin' Phil victory anthem. It's been blasted during locker room celebrations after each post-season win, and belted by countless fans as they flooded the streets of Philadelphia Sunday night.

After the Phillies clinched the NLCS against the Padres, a hopeful fan asked Calum Scott to perform the hit song in Philadelphia during the Phillies World Series run next week.

To much surprise, the singer agreed tweeting back, "I AM DOWN!!"

Scott is the singer behind the "Dancing on my Own" Tiesto remix that Phillies players and fans have come to love. The original song was performed by Swedish pop superstar Robyn.

So, how exactly did the unlikely remix become the winning song for the now National League Series Champions? It's quite actually pretty simple.


"There’s no deeper meaning or backstory to it, other than it’s an absolute banger and we love singing it in the locker room," Phillies catcher Garrett Stubbs told MLB.com. "After a win, we play ‘Dancing on My Own,’ ‘Cold Heart’ and a couple other ones."

However, the Phillies aren't the first ones to use the song as a victory anthem, according to FOX News. The Boston Red Sox were the first to use the song in 2021.