2022 World Series: Phillies fans celebrate around the world - from flights to bars in London and Ireland

Philadelphia Phillies fans represent all over the world - a fact made abundantly clear as the beloved team claimed their long-awaited spot in the 2022 World Series on Sunday.

Videos captured the moments dedicated fans learned the exciting news miles from home, everywhere from a pub in Ireland to thousands of feet in the air.

Phillies fans celebrate win on plane.

Talk about a happy announcement! Several fans were onboard a flight from Orlando to Philadelphia when the Phillies gained the final out to win Game 5 against the Padres and become National League Champions.

Cheers erupted from the seats as passenger Diane Crocco could be heard saying, "We all made history together tonight."

Crocco said it was a moment none of them will ever forget when she joined Good Day Philadelphia Monday morning to talk about the extraordinary flight.


Across the pond, two different bars got the Philly treatment as they were quickly filled with sounds of pure joy and excitement.

In Donegal, Ireland, a Delaware County family took time out of their vacation to watch the game at a local bar - a decision they won't regret!

The moment was captured on video as the family, decked out in Phillies gear, got to celebrate their home team together from thousands of miles away.

While over in London, a Philly-style dive bar called "Passyunk Avenue" was bound to be the loudest in town.

It has everything Philadelphia-inspired, from the decoration down to the food, as well as some very excited Phillies fans on a very special Sunday night!