Eagles fan hopes to convince rookie to change his name

(FOX NEWS) -- A Philadelphia Eagles fan has taken their fandom to another level by starting a GoFundMe Sunday to raise money in the hope that the team's new rookie will change his name.

The Eagles drafted tight end Dallas Goedert in the second round over the weekend, and due to the intense rivalry between Philadelphia and the Dallas Cowboys one fan is trying not to have any part of the rivalry invade the defending Super Bowl champions, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Goedert, who played college football at South Dakota State, was ironically named after the team his parents loved, the Dallas Cowboys, the newspaper reported.

The Eagles selected Goedert just one pick ahead of the Cowboys, who many speculated were interested in the 22-year-old tight end following the reported retirement of their longtime tight end, Jason Witten.

"The Cowboys were sitting there at 50, and I think Philadelphia might've thought that as well and they traded up right before them," Goedert told reporters Friday. "That was something definitely in the back of my head when Jason retired that they needed tight ends to fill that spot."

The rabid Eagles fan is hoping that $1,200 will get Goedert to change his name to something like, Philly.