Female North Penn Kicker delivers big hit, goes viral

Videos of kickers laying big hits on their competition have become increasingly popular in Pennsylvania.

Penn State Kick-off specialist Joey Julius has made some headlines with a number of bone-crushing blows so far this season.

However, Kelly Macnamara, the first female player in North Penn High School history, is challenging Julius for the title of hardest hitting kicker in Pennsylvania.

In a game against Central Bucks East Saturday, Kelly booted a kickoff deep into the hands of a returner. This returner made what he would soon realize was a smart choice, by handing the ball off to his teammate.

The second returner finds a hole down the left sideline, and can clearly see daylight on his way toward the endzone.

That's where Macnamara comes in, and absolutely levels the CB East returner out of bounds, much to the delight of her teammates and fans.

Kelly tweeted the video from her account, with the caption "7-0" along with a sleeping emoji, after North Penn sealed a 33-14 victory.