NFL player's son, 4, sends defender flying with FILTHY juke move

The 2017 NFL draft just finished here in Philadelphia, but we may have gotten a sneak peek at a youngster who appears to be a surefire future first-rounder.

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton tweeted a video of his four-year-old son, Eugene Hilton Jr., dominating at flag football.

In the video, "Little Ghost" -- as he's called in the 17-second clip -- beats the entire defense with impressive agility and speed. Twitter/@TYHilton13

As he races toward the end zone, he throws in one last juke, sending a hapless defending flying to the turf.

You can see, Dad called him "Best athlete in the family" and check out those thousands of likes and retweets!

According to Wikipedia, "A juke is a move in most forms of American football used to evade a tackler by deception, and thus without need of a stiff arm. It can also be called sidestepping. A typical juke involves a ball-carrier faking as if he will run one way, then planting his foot and running the opposite."

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