Philadelphia Eagles release CB Daryl Worley

A new Eagles player is suddenly not a player, but out of a job.

The team released newly-signed Cornerback Daryl Worley after he was arrested.

It was six Sunday morning along Broad and Pattison, say sources, when police noticed a vehicle partially blocking the road.

Inside was the 23-year-old Penn Charter stand-out - Daryl Worley - allegedly passed out.

Traded to the Eagles in March, Worley allegedly became "combative" when police tried to wake him.

Officers used a taser to subdue him and say they found a gun.

FOX 29's Jeff Cole asks, "Police allege that he was combative. They had to taze him and he had a gun."
"We obviously talked about it, but I have no comment on the specifics until we have a chance to take a look at everything," Worley's attorney, Fortunato Perri, replied.

Perri, a high-profile defense attorney, met with Worley after three p.m. April 15 inside police headquarters where Worley was being held.

A source says the gun was licensed in North Carolina, and while the defensive back was working to register it here, he had not done so.

"He's awaiting a bail arrangement and he's disappointed to be in this situation. We're looking at the facts and circumstances of the arrest," Perri said.

A source says Worley may have been out for the evening and was trying to get to the Eagles training facility nearby when he stopped his car.

By 5:30 p.m. word hit the Eagles had dumped him.

Likely to be charged with the gun offensive and resisting arresting. Worley remained locked up as the evening wore on.

"We're going to wait to look at the circumstances before we make any decisions," Perri explained.