Phillies pitching prospect loses eye in training accident

A former second round pick for the Philadelphia Phillies suffered an gruesome injury during a training session late last week, that cost him his right eye.

22-year-old pitching prospect Matt Imhof was struck in the face by a piece of metal that had been mounted to a wall in the training facility. The impact broke his nose, fractured two orbital bones, and he lost the vision in his right eye.

After a number of surgeries in a Florida eye hospital, Imhof was faced with a difficult decision. He says. " it was decided that the best chance I had to live a normal life was to have my right eye removed and have a prosthetic one put in."

Tuesday, Imhof underwent surgery to have his right eye removed.

In an Instagram post Thursday, Imhof thanked his loved ones and well-wishers for their support.

He also took time to look on the Brightside:

"Although this injury has been tough it could have been much worse...I'm lucky to still have vision in my left eye...I'm lucky that i didn't have brain damage...and I'm lucky to be surrounded my the most loving and understanding people in the world"

You can read his full post below: