Sports Illustrated cover features Super Bowl Champion Eagles

The cover of the newest issue of Sports Illustrated features the Super Bowl LII Champion Philadelphia Eagles and spotlights backup quarterback Nick Foles catching a touchdown pass in a historic trick play.

In the cover story, SI's Greg Bishop and Ben Baskin chronicle how Philadelphia built a championship team. They break down everything from Nick Foles' decision to retire (and the text from Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid that changed his mind), to the scene in the Eagles' locker room after their Super Bowl win.

For the story, SI spoke with those close to the Eagles' team, like Nick Foles' father Larry and brother in law Ryan Moore, Brett Farve (who played on the Green Bay Packers with Doug Pederson), lifelong Philly fans, and key figures in the Eagles' front office, like Howie Roseman, who made the unexpected journey from unpaid intern with the Eagles to the NFL's youngest general manager.

Highlights from SI's Super Bowl Champions Feature

After deciding to retire, Nick Foles got a text from Chiefs coach Andy Reid: " he [Foles] drove back toward civilization his phone regained service, and among the barrage of texts he'd missed was a note from Andy Reid, who'd coached Foles for one year with the Eagles before moving on to lead the Chiefs. Reid complimented Foles's abilities and referenced his own experience: being pushed out of Philly, the transition, the unknown. "You have a lot of great football left in you," he wrote."

On working with backup quarterback Doug Pederson with the Green Bay Packers, Brett Farve says: "There's no doubt I would not have been as successful without him."

After Carson Wentz tore his ACL, Nick Foles reassured his father, Larry Foles: "It's going to be O.K., Dad...I'm going to step up." After Super Bowl LII, Foles' father Larry said: "[People] don't know who Nick Foles is...He's the kind of guy that can sneak up on you."

GM Howie Roseman talks to SI about the Eagles' historic trick play in Super Bowl LII: "Unbelievable. That's called big balls… Can I say big balls?"

This issue hits newsstands Thursday, February 8.