SREDENSCHEK: A win-win trade for the Eagles and Vikings

Too often in the social media world we are compelled to grade, or at minimum declare a winner or loser. The color grey does not exist. It's black. It's white.

But in the Eagles-Vikings trade, call me Switzerland. Call this neutral. Call this a draw. Both teams won.

The Eagles sent quarterback Sam Bradford to Minnesota for a 1st round pick in 2017 and a 4th rounder in 2018.

Who got what? Why a win-win?

The Vikings get an experienced, proven quarterback in Bradford. When they lost Teddy Bridgewater to a gruesome injury this week (torn ACL and dislocated knee) they lost hope for 2016. They are moving into a sparkling new stadium with visions of a deep playoff run. They had the Packers attention. But not with journeyman back-up Shaun Hill calling the signals.

Enter Sam. Now with Bradford, and a steady diet of Adrian Peterson, they are again, or still, a force.

Bradford is signed for 2 years. There is no guarantee Brdigewater will be the same guy again. Sam is the man in Minnesota, at least for 2 years.

The Eagles get a first round pick back. Face it...Bradford was the guy keeping the engine running until Carson Wentz was ready. He was not going to be here in 2017. As important as anything: the Eagles get a coveted 1st roudn pick back. Roger Goodell will call their name on the Ben Franklin Parkway on night 1 of the draft next April. Very important: The Eagles will add a quality player as they build around Carson Wentz.

Chase Daniel will get the start for the 2016 season. But this move was about 2017, Carson Wentz, and beyond.

Win-win. Let the games begin.