‘The Kick' Heard Around the State

It was a field goal that took advantage of little known rule in high school football that is being credited for the Bremen Blue Devils winning their game Friday night.

It has since become known as "the kick" around the hallways of Bremen High School. A video posted to the school's Facebook page shows Jake Verity, wearing the number 18 jersey, making a free kick for a 64-yard field goal.

The senior place-kicker lined it up between the uprights just before the half to put the Blue Devils up 10-7.

63 Yard Field Goal Jake Verity #18 Bremen High School September 18-2015

Bremen would go on to win by just 3-point margin, 17-14.

Now, many passing football fans will be scratching their heads at how the Blue Devils were allowed to do this. A rule used in Georgia's high school football, as well as the NFL, allows a free kick if the team made a fair catch of a punt.

At the professional level, the last successful fair catch kick was made in 1976 by San Diego Chargers's Ray Wersching who kicked it 45-yards past the Buffalo Bills.

The record in the NFL for a fair catch kick was in 1964 as Green Bay Packers's Paul Hornung kicked it through the Chicago Bears' uprights. The 52-yard field goal falls short to Verity's kick by a dozen yards.

We are sure "the kick" will be talked about for years to come and not just at Bremen High School.

Special thanks to Tim Lowe and Bremen High School for the video