'Trash talking' in Minneapolis before Sunday's NFC Championship game

The talk of the town on Minneapolis sports radio seems to be Philly fans.

"There is definitely a fear that Eagles fans are going to light you on fire and slam you through a table or something," talk show host Phil Mackey.

Even callers from Philly were chiming in.

"This is Philly we're not playing in some warm dome. This is Philadelphia we're going to take your hearts out of your chest."

To get the real pulse of the Vikings fan, FOX 29's Chris O'Connell did the most Minnesota thing you can do ice fishing. It's a mini city of heated fishing shelters on White Bear Lake.

When they're not watching football on TV, they're watching for fish in sub-zero temperatures. We couldn't find any Eagles fans, but we did find real eagles on the lake feasting on it's prey just like on Sunday.