Woman hit in the head during Diamondbacks-Dodgers game

When you attend a baseball game, you see the warnings in the stadium about the dangers of foul balls flying through the air, but you never think it will ever happen to you.

On Saturday, a record-setting home run ended up ruining a fan's night. A woman was hit in the head by a baseball while watching the Arizona Diamondbacks take on the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Patty Lukasik was sitting in the handicap section an happens to be handicapped herself. She was hit in the head by what turned out to be the third longest home run ball ever hit.

Lukasik had to get 17 stitches as a result of the accident.

She says she can't believe that she got hit by the ball.

"Think how many seats there are in Chase Field, and we were online looking that this was the third longest homerun for the week or however and it connected to me," she said.

Lukasik says she likes to see the D-backs play once or twice a month.