World Series Game 2 starting early to avoid rain

Baseball fans planning to see the first pitch will need to tune in earlier than expected.

The Chicago Cubs-Cleveland Indians' start time was moved up an hour to 7:08pm ET because there's rain forecast for Wednesday night's Game 2 in Cleveland.

Major League Baseball announced the shift Tuesday night midway through Game 1, in which the Indians beat the Cubs, 6-0.

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Meteorologist Ryan Adamson said in a statement, "Game 2 of the World Series looks rather dry to start, but possibly wet to finish, depending on how long the game goes."

At 7:08pm, the forecast is for 48 degrees, a little rain and winds of 10-20 mph. If the rain tracks to the north, there would be a spot shower or two during the game. If rain remains over the area, then it could be steady and cause delays.

The rivals agreed the move up is for the best.

"I'd rather do that than have the game start at 8, and then get caught in the latter part of the game with some rain. So I think it's a good idea," Cubs manager Joe Maddon said.

Indians manager Terry Francona was fine with the change, too.

"We can handle that," he said. "I don't care what time they tell us to play. ... I'm going to be here anyway by 10 (am). So it doesn't really matter."

Regular 8pm starts for games Friday, Saturday and then more if necessary. Pregames at 7:30pm.