Weather Authority: Cool, cloudy Thursday ahead for Philadelphia, surrounding areas

Philadelphia and surrounding areas are slated for a cool and partly cloudy Thursday, with temperatures hovering to just below the 50 degree mark. 

Conditions will feel very similar to Christmas Day, when highs in the city topped out 48 under partly sunny skies. Likewise, Thursday will peak at 47 in Philadelphia, but increasing clouds will provide slightly more cover than Christmas Day.

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FOX 29's Forecast by the Numbers grades Thursday a 7 out of 10.

Temperatures will exceed the 50 degree mark beginning on Friday, with highs sitting in the low 50s under partly sunny skies. Thermometers will continue to climb on Sunday and reach a high of 57, but showers will likely make the day a washout.



Thursday: Partly sunny, cool. High: 47, Low: 30

Friday: Mostly cloudy. High: 52, Low: 39

Saturday: Mostly sunny. High: 52, Low: 38.

Sunday: Showers, warmer. High: 57, Low: 36