Weather Authority: Tuesday to seasonable, chilly ahead of midweek rain

Tuesday is off to a chilly start, with temperatures 15 to 20 degrees colder than Monday's. 

Across the Delaware Valley, conditions will be less windy and more seasonable. 

Temperatures will begin in the 30s before temperatures linger in the upper 40s and low 50s. 

On Wednesday, a line of rain will move through around 8 a.m. and last into the afternoon, making for a messy morning and afternoon commute. 

Most of the Delaware Valley is expected to get half an inch to an inch of rain. 

After Wednesday's rain, the first day of December will bring blustery winds and cooler conditions ahead of a brief weekend warm-up. 



TUESDAY: Quiet, cooler. High: 50

WEDNESDAY: Windy, rainy. High: 60, Low: 39

THURSDAY: Blustery wind chill. High: 43, Low: 33

FRIDAY: Less wind, chilly. High: 48, Low: 27

SATURDAY: Clouds, a shower. High: 58, Low: 38

SUNDAY: Clouds, sun. High: 50, Low: 38

MONDAY: Shower chance. High: 53, Low: 36