Delaware skaters bring theatre to the ice rink

Theatre on ice is an apt way to describe what these Delaware ice skaters do--they get to compete in a new way that involves acting on ice.

There's no such thing as sleeping in on a Saturday at the Delaware State Fair's Centre Ice Rink. That's because the 1st State Ice Theatre teams are on the ice practicing at 7 a.m. sharp.

Coach and choreographer Jerry Santoferrara was inspired to start 1 st State Ice Theater as a way to get skaters more involved in the sport.

"We were looking for a way that more kids could participate and be able to take part in the competitive type program while still having fun," Santoferrara told Fox 29.

Jerry is joined by company co-coach Tom Harrison.

"When we first started the program, it was the adults and the kids' team combined," Harrison explained. "Now we have two different teams. We want to encourage everybody to be a part of this."

Ages range from eight to 17 on the open-level team. The adult team range goes up to age 70, proving that you're never too old to follow your dream.

"We make progress," one adult skater told Fox 29. "But because we're a little older, it's a little slower. I like having the adults encourage all the small victories we get on the ice, as we try just as hard as the kids."

Coach Tom says the key to perfection is "run throughs, run throughs, run throughs." The countdown to Nationals starts now.

The 1 st State Ice Theater embarks on its journey to Evansville, IN on Sunday, and the 2017 National Theatre on Ice Competition begins next week.